New album by Jay Brannan, co-produced by Drew Brody

Jay Branan’s new album, “Always, Then & Now,” was released on July 17th. We produced it together, just like we did for the last album we worked on together, “In Living Cover.” Besides being a close friend of mine, I think Jay is one of the most unique and thoughtful songwriters I know, and I love working with him. We recorded this album in my studio in a very lo-fi way–I think he’s best with minimal production, live acoustic instruments, and a sound that’s a little raw and authentic.  We also used a bunch of great players to support Jay on this album, including Skye Steele with strings, Jeff Malinowski on guitars, Amal Bouhabib on some vocal backup, Scott Starrett with additional arrangements, and more.

You can buy the album on iTunes, and watch some of the videos on youtube.

  • August 22, 2014
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