Music & Lyrics by Drew Brody

this old ship ain’t gonna sail
she’s bound to fail
the seas for now are calm
but she cannot stand a storm
she’ll pitch and heave
crack and cleave and leave our
bodies here to drown

this old log ain’t gonna catch
put down your match
a fire sounds so nice
but it ain’t worth the sacrifice
though something’s warmed,
something’s burned and turns to
ash before our eyes

oh it ain’t worth the sacrifice

this old car ain’t gonna start
it’s wanting parts
you like the polished chrome
but the engine far below
is caked with dust,
it’s clogged with rust
it’s just a remnant, just for show

and this old heart ain’t gonna leap
it’s fast asleep
the fling’s already flung
still you think we’ve just begun
but i know more, i’ve read this story
and the course is almost run

oh you’re only 21
oh you’re only 21

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