A Night Like This

A Night Like This

Music & Lyrics by Drew Brody

the setting, familiar
midnight on the hudson river
the same night sounds
the same two characters

the dialogue – so clever
the subtext: innuendo
a laugh that hangs, a touch that lingers

out of nowhere – a green light
a suddenly clear sign
and a feeling i’ve been here before

there was a night like this
the same misty moonlight
there was a mouth like yours
that couldn’t say goodnight
there was a stolen kiss
i paid for it later
i prayed at the Church of Nothing Matters
now i’m falling back in love
or else i’m just falling back into a pattern

tomorrow we won’t know
what made us climb down so low
and slip beneath our mighty barrier

i’ve been shellshocked and shuttered
why would i ever return
to the scene of the massacre?

out of nowhere a lifeline
a perfectly free ride
but i have been on that free ride before

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