Hard Sell

Hard Sell

Music & Lyrics by Drew Brody

I’ve lost years of my life to turbulent flights
the worry and anxiety will be the early end of me

on the other hand those rides might just be keeping my faith alive
every time i’m in the air, i bring my sweaty hands together
and i lift my eyes
i pray to the god of silver bullets in the sky

i read somewhere that god is nothing but a metaphor
for everything we owe each other and everything we owe the world

it’s making my life hard, ’cause there’s a little child on the way
and i don’t know who to ask to guard him
i don’t know the proper words to say
well let the others decide
i say: keep this child

i know it’s a hard sell
and nobody wants to open the door
but the chill in the air always makes it inside
so i’ll be praying to a metaphor tonight

some people think i’m dark, i think i’m hilarious
i try to laugh things off, but some things i take serious

see i’m trying to attain, but lately i can’t see my goals
i mean what’s the sense of working hard, then lying in your bed alone?
when the winter descends
i miss my lost friends
i miss everything i’ve lost

so look me in the eye and say i’m still your favorite one
even if you lie, i’ll consider it a battle won

’cause baby only you, you’re the only one who understands me
when i’m talking to myself, you’re the one who’s listening
don’t think i don’t know
baby please don’t go

i know i’m a hard sell
i know we’ve been down this road before
and i never could make a case for myself
but if you’re so inclined we could give it another try

yeah i never could make a case for myself
and if you walk out the door i’ll find somebody else
but it’s cold out there and it’s warm in here
if you’re so inclined
if you’re so inclined we could give it another try

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