The Curse

The Curse

Music by M-LAB; Lyrics by Drew Brody

No matter where you go, you’ll see my face in strangers
No matter what you say, you’re speaking with my voice
No matter how you try, you know that I’ll be on your mind forever baby now
No matter how you lie you know

Like a song stuck in your head
Like an image you just can’t get rid of
I’m embedded in your mind even when you sleep
oo, you sleep alone–with me

This will be your curse
the punishment for someone
who kills cocoons but worships butterflies
You never really heard
you listened to the haircuts and the artwork

That was then and this is now and

No matter where you go…

I can’t believe I was in your spell
I can’t believe how mean you treated me
I can’t believe I lacked the sense
oo the sense to back away

don’t misunderstand
i handed you the power
and powerful you rolled over me
you were in command
and i became a doubter
a doubter

and no matter where you go…

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