You Forgot To Say Goodnight

You Forgot To Say Goodnight

Music & Lyrics by Drew Brody

the guests are gone, the dishes clean
what a night
the garbage stacked up in the street
looks like a week’s worth
you really sparkled, you’re so complete
i felt so proud
let’s wash our faces and brush our teeth
and settle down

don’t forget to shut the light
lock the door and close the window tight
look you fell asleep
guess i’ll go to sleep
you forgot to say goodnight

we’ve been together for all our lives
or so it seems
still a smile runs cross my face
as i watch you dream
and every day there’s less to say
less need to speak
this is our life, this is our way
and it’s so complete

don’t forget to shut the light…

i was twenty when you came into my life
and said you’d marry me, and you married me
and forever now we will always be
and i went in eyes open
and i knew the road was long
and sure i heard other voices calling
but you’re here with me now, asleep,
and how could that be wrong?

don’t forget to shut the light..

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